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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 2: Digory and His Uncle

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Digory realizes Polly is gone, vanished.  He screams but Uncle Andrew scares him into being quiet by saying it'll scare his mom, who is deathly ill.  Uncle Andrew tells him about how he came across the magic box via his fairy godmother, Mrs. Lefay.  Mrs. Lefay was one of the last mortals left in the world with fairy blood in her.  Uncle Andrew was one of the few people allowed to see her before Mrs. Lefay died. She told him to find the box in a drawer in her bureau, to promise to burn it, "unopened, with certain ceremonies".  He did not keep that promise.  He turned the magical dust into the green and yellow rings.  The yellow rings take you out of this world and into the Other Place while the green rings *hopefully* bring you back to This World. Despite hating his uncle, Digory is nonetheless intrigued by all he is learning about his family's history from him. The chapter ends with Digory knowing he has no other choice but to take the rings and try to find Polly. Also he wishes he could punch Uncle Andrew in the head.