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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 3: The Wood Between the Worlds

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Forestry Commission, Great Britain

Yellowstone National Park

National Geographic Yellowstone Park Kids Page

American - How to Plant a Tree

Dept. Of Agriculture Forest Service Kids' Page

England's Community Forests

How We Can All Save The Rain Forest - The Sights & Sounds of Costa Rica

Rainforest Action

Lorax Save the Trees - Free Online Game

Wind - Kites - Flight

Measuring Wind Speed on Jupiter

Wind Chill Temperature Index

Measuring Wind Speed - Group Project

Make an Anemometer! - Measuring Wind Speed

Why Measure Wind Speed & Direction?

Wind Energy Resources

MSN Encarta - Wind's 1st Offshore Wind Farm

Importance of Wind During Flight

Kite Launch & Flight

The Virtual Kite Zoo

Flying the Kite

History of Flight - Gliders, Planes

Airport Resources: The History of Flight


British Garden Birds

Life of Birds

All About Birds - Cornell University

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Wild - Answers to Bird Questions


View Nesting Birds! - Incredible Variety!

Bird Feeder Cam

Hot Spot for Birds-Health, Safety, Nutrition

Official State Birds


Ecosystem  - Food Chain - Food Web

Kids Do Ecology

Eddy the Eco Dog -KidsWebTV

EPA Environmental Kids Club - Tons of Stuff!

Food Chains & Webs

Planet Pals Food Chain

Kidport Reference Library - Food Chain

BBC Revise-Wise: Food Chain

Food Web - Ecological Pyramid

EcoKids - Chain Reaction: Build a Food Chain!


Insects on the Web - Insect Appreciation

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Insects

3D Insects

Amazing Insects!

Hotlist: Insects

Entomology Image Gallery - With "Bug of the Month"

Virtual Insects & a Spider