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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 4: The Bell and the Hammer

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Earth Science

Mountains - The Alps

The Alps - Wikipedia


The Swiss & Austrian Alps

The European Alps - Photographs & Accounts of Climbing

Interactive Map - European Alps

Avalanche NOVA Online - Avalanche!

Avalance Awareness - Avalanche Safety

European Avalanche Danger Scale - Avalanches - Killer Avalanches



Sea & Sky - Calendar of Celestial Events

Integrated Website: Sun, Moon, Eclipses

NASA Eclipse Home Page

Solar Eclipse Information



What Causes Thunderstorms?

Why Are There More Thunderstorms During the Summer? - Thunderstorms


Gemology - Mineralogy

Precious Stones

The Mineral & Gemstone Kingdom

Gem Gallery

US State Gems, Gemstones, Minerals, Rocks & Stones

Mineral Gallery

The Structure of Crystals

Mineralogy Database

Study of Sound

Speed of Sound - Acoustics - Sonics

How the Ear Works - Let's Hear if for the Ear!

Science of Sound - Scienceworld

How the Ear Works - ANIMATED!

How Hearing Works

An Acoustics Primer

Physics - Electrochemistry

Electricity & Static Electricity

Interactive: Electricity & Magnetism

Science Made Simple - Electricity - With Projects! - Edison's Miracle of Light's History of Electricity - Resources

Beakman's Electric Motor - Build It!

US - The Electric Franklin

Pieces of Science - The Lightning Rod - Tesla - Master of Lightning



Spiders Home Page - Lesson Plans


Australian Museum Online - Spiders

University of California - Spiders & Other Arachnids

Enchanted - Spiders


Stranger Than Fiction - Ants

Life Studies - All About Ants

Enchanted Learning - Ants

Steve's Ant Farm