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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 8: The Fight at the Lampost

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The kids take Jadis, the Cabby, Uncle Andrew, and Strawberry the horse, to the Wood Between the World.  They try to go back to earth but then they think they are in an "empty" world of Nothing.  Then they hear a low sound-beautiful sound. They finally see stars, constellations, beginning to shine. There emerges a beautiful world of valleys, hills, etc., and then they see the lion.
Uncle Andrew tries to convince Digory to get his yellow ring to take just them two back home without the rest of the group. Jadis reads his thoughts and gets angry.  Jadis thus finds out from Uncle Andrew that it is magical rings transporting them from world to world. When she tries to get Digory he grabs Polly and threatens to leave them all there. 
Then the song changes.