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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 12: Strawberry's Adventure

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Digory is asked if he's ready to undo the wrong he's done to Narnia. Digory feels fear as he asks Aslan if he can help his dying mother, but then looks up to see big tears in the Lion's eyes.  The Lion wants to put a tree in the Land of Narnia to protect Narnia from the Witch. The Lion asks Digory to get the seed from which the tree is to grow, and gives Digory a Lion's Kiss. Digory must journey through Narnia, through mountains - 'Western Wild', and get an apple off a tree to bring back to the Lion from Archenland.
Strawberry is transformed into a winged horse, and renamed "Fledge". (Nellie, the Cabby's wife, is renamed "Helen".)  Fledge takes Digory and Polly over the land, they stop, rest, eat toffee and finally get to sleep even after Polly thinks she hears something.