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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 3: Edmund and the Wardrobe

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Lucy returns to her siblings from her adventure inside the wardrobe only to find that they haven't missed her at all - virtually no time has passed. In her mind she has been absent for hours and hours, and yet to her siblings they left her in the spare room only a moment ago. Peter suggests she is only telling this story for fun, but Lucy insists that the wardrobe is magic. She begins to describe the Faun, the Witch and Narnia. She convinces her siblings to follow her back to the room in order to see for themselves, but is disappointed that there is no secret world to be found; only an ordinary wardrobe. Peter tells her they half-believed her because she had sounded so convincing, but that it is obviously a 'hoax'.
Lucy breaks down into tears out of frustration. She doesn't want to lie and say that it is all in her imagination; because she knows she is telling the truth... although to admit it is all made up would make things better with her siblings. They are treating her differently because of this and this situation ruins some perfectly fair-weather days for her. Edmund is particularly unkind, teasing her here and there.
The next rainy day though, Lucy finds herself hiding in the wardrobe, partially out of curiousity as to whether or not she is possibly imagining the whole thing. But then Edmund arrives, having seen Lucy go into the room he loves to tease her about. As he steps deeper into the wardrobe, he expects to meet up with Lucy at any moment, but does not. Instead he finds himself groping in a seemingly endless darkness, calling for Lucy, but with no replies.
Edmund finally realizes that he is cold and sees light. He thinks it is the light from the open door of the wardrobe, but quickly discerns he is in a snowy forest. This makes him think about how mean he's recently been to his sister and starts to call for her again. He shouts out that he is sorry and that she is right, and to come out. But there is no answer. Edmund does not like being alone in this snowy wood.
Suddenly he hears the sounds of bells and a sledge pulled by two reindeer appears. Seated on it is the White Witch and there is a fat dwarf that she is ordering around. She asks Edmund 'what' he is and he replies with his name. He doesn't like the way she looks at him and she frowns at him, citing how he inappropriately addresses her, being that she is a Queen. He tells her that he didn't know that, and she makes it clear she is the Queen of Narnia. He is confused by her and somewhat scared as well.