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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 4: Turkish Delight

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The Queen is questioning Edmund as to 'what' he is. She asks if he is an overgrown dwarf who has cut off his beard. When he explains that he is a 'boy' the Queen then asks whether he is a 'Son of Adam'. When Edmund doesn't reply, out of sheer confusion, the Queen states that Edmund is an 'idiot', in addition to whatever else he may be.  She asks him if he is human to which he replies yes. He ends up telling her how he entered into Narnia, through the wardrobe.
Just when Edmund is sure she is about to do something horrible to him, the Queen seems to soften, and insists Edmund sit next to her on the sledge. Edmund is not comfortable with this but does it anyway, and accepts a hot drink from her. It is a drink he has never tasted before. It is very sweet, foamy and creamy.  Then she asks him what he'd like to eat along with his drink. Edmund replies that he would like some 'Turkish Delight'. Instantly the Queen causes several pounds of Turkish Delight to appear in a round box tied with green silk ribbon.
The more Turkish Delight he eats, the more he wants. The Queen continues to question Edmund, who tells the Queen all about his siblings and how one sister has already been in Narnia and has made a friend in a Faun. Edmund finally finishes the Turkish Delight, and wishes he had more. But the Queen knows this Turkish Delight is enchanted and that once tasted, the desire for it would be never-ending until one ate themselves into an early grave from over-eating it.
The Queen tells Edmund he must bring his brother and sisters back into Narnia to meet her. She manipulates him with flattery and promises of making him future King of Narnia. Initially he tries to get out of having to go back to fetch his siblings because he is so focused on having more Turkish Delight. The Queen, however, tells him it is no good for him to return without them.
Edmund tries to say that he cannot remember his way back to his country but the Queen quickly points out the lampost and then describes how to find her home when he returns-with his siblings. She tells him to not tell his siblings about her, to keep her a secret until he brings them to her house. He begs for one more taste of Turkish Delight, but the Queen takes off on the sledge telling him next time he can have it.
Finally Lucy comes up to Edmund, excited that he can now verify she isn't a liar. Edmund is not as happy as Lucy. Instead he is somewhat snappy and unsettled, but Lucy doesn't really notice in her excitement. Lucy tells Edmund how she just had lunch with Mr. Tumnus, the Faun, and how he is relieved that the White Witch hasn't done anything bad to him for letting Lucy go from the first time she visited Narnia and had tea with him. She tells Edmund that Mr. Tumnus thinks that perhaps the White Witch hasn't found out about it and so he thinks maybe everything will actually be fine.
Edmund, feigning ignorance, asks Lucy who is the White Witch. Lucy replies with how terrible she is, how all the creatures in the wood hate her and that she has caused Narnia to always be winter.  Edmund feels uncomfortable from eating too much, and from the knowledge that he just made friends with someone so dangerous. But he wants more Turkish Delight than anything else. 
Edmund suggests they go home now and Lucy agrees, excited that now the rest of the siblings will know the truth about Narnia. Edmund, however, is not so excited at the prospect of admitting that Lucy was right, and knowing that the others would most likely be on the Faun's side, whereas he has already made an alliance with the evil Witch.
Finally they feel the coats of the wardrobe on their skin and Lucy asks Edmund if he feels well.  Edmund feels sick. Lucy can't wait to tell the others about their Narnia adventures.