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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 5: Back on This Side of the Door

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Edmund and Lucy return to the game of hide-and-seek that their siblings are still engaged in. Lucy is excited to proclaim that her Narnia story is not in fact 'made-up'. She proudly states that Edmund can verify the truth of the snowy wood, and when Peter asks him about it, Edmund decides to be rotten and not vouge for Lucy. He is snotty about it and makes Lucy feel terrible. Peter is angry with Edmund for teasing her one minute and encouraging her the next with this nonsense of Narnia. Eventually the others think that perhaps Lucy may be going a bit mad. They finally decide to bring the matter before the old Professor, to let him decide whether or not the children's mother ought to be notified of this situation.
The children explain to the Professor and are surprised to hear his reaction. He asks them who is usually more truthful; Edmund or Lucy, and they reply 'Lucy'. He goes on to explain that either Lucy is a liar, mad or telling the truth. He says that she is clearly not mad, has no history of being a liar, so she must be telling the truth. He says that the discovery of other worlds in this house is possible, since he himself does not know everything there is to know about it. Eventually, because of how confused the others get over hearing his unbelievable response, he suggests they all try minding their own business.
The house has historical value and Mrs. Macready, the housekeeper, gives tours of it to visitors and tourists. She gets annoyed if any of the kids get in the way when she is conducting one of her tours. One day the kids find themselves almost getting in the way, so they run to hide away from the oncoming group of visitors that Mrs. Macready is leading through the house. They end up in the Wardrobe Room, with Peter holding the door closed, waiting for Macready's group to go away.