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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 7: A Day With the Beavers

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While Edmund and Peter are whispering, the girls cry out because they robin is out of sight now. Something is moving in the trees. Lucy is nervous. Peter comments that whatever it is, it is dodging them and doesn't want to be seen. Susan suggests they go home but just as soon realize that they are LOST.
They see the animal's whiskered furry face signaling them to be quiet. Then it comes out and approaches them as  though in fear of  someone watching, motions them to join him, then disappears  once more. Peter states it is a beaver.
They discuss following the beaver despite Edmund voicing his doubts and concerns. The  beaver beckons again. The children decide the potentially dangerous beaver is not a match for four children. They follow and he instructs them to come "further in" and to be weary of the trees, which could be listening, though most are on their side. Some  of them would betray them to Jadis, the White Witch, Queen of Narnia.
Edmund questions the beaver as to which side he is on. The beaver then displays the white handkerchief Lucy had previously given to Mr. Tumnus. When Mr. Tumnus heard he was going to be arrested, he gave the handkerchief to the beaver to show as a sign to the children that  he was on the right side.
The  beaver gathers the children around and says, "Aslan is on the move, perhaps already landed."
Upon hearing this unfamiliar name and news, Edmund feels horror, while everyone else feels just great.
The beaver invites them to dinner at his place, so he
can talk with them more.  For over an hour he led them through the wood. Finally they arrive at his dam and beehive-shaped house. Beyond the house Edmund notices two hills in the distance. He assumes the Queen's palace lies just behind the hills. He thinks vainly of Turkish Delight, being King, and how Peter would react to that.
They meet Mrs. Beaver. He says to her that he has found "the Sons of Adam" and "the Daughters Eve."
They have a nice dinner of fish [caught by Peter and Mr. Beaver]. Susan helps with potatoes.  Mrs. Beaver is happy that the newly fallen snow will cover  any tracks recently left in the snow.