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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 9: In the Witch's House

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Edmund had eaten his dinner but didn't enjoy it because he just wants more Turkish Delight.  He imagines the others giving him the cold shoulder. He did hear about Aslan and the plan for the meeting before taking off to the Witch's house, unnoticed. He feels terrible whenever he hears anything about Aslan.
Edmund wants  Turkish Delight. He wants to pay Peter back for so-called wrongs. He convinces himself they won't be turned to stone or otherwise hurt by the Queen.
Despite trying to talk himself into believing she was O.K., deep down inside he knows otherwise.
He forgets his coat, trudges on against his better judgement, in the newly fallen snow. Again he thinks about going back, but then entertains thoughts of being King of Narnia, and keeps going.
The weather changes. It's freezing, cold and windy. Eventually Edmund sees the house and begins to feel afraid of the house.  He is in fear as he sees a lion that is standing very still. He notices that the lion is staring at a dwarf, which also isn't moving. He realizes they are stone statues.
Then he  actually imagines that the lion is Aslan turned to stone.  He then scribbles on the sad, terrible, noble face of the lion and mocks him. However, he doesn't enjoy this after all.
Edmund sees a dim light across the courtyard. He goes toward it and sees a wolf and assumes it is also a stone statue. But the wolf rises, and asks who he is. He informs the wolf the Queen is expecting him, that his brother and sisters are near in the beaver's house.
As the wolf leads him down a hall, Edmund notices many statues. One is a little Faun with a sad expression on his face. Edmund then faces the angry queen who is annoyed he "dare" come alone. She orders her dwarf to get the sledge and to fasten the harness without bells.