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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 10: The Spell Begins to Break

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Mrs. Beaver packs food to take on the journey. As they begin, they  keep near the river bank where the Queen's sledge cannot go.  Mr. Beaver leads them into a secret beaver hole to sleep for the night.
Lucy awakes to the sound of bells. Mr. Beaver runs right out. Lucy believes he's been seen and caught, but instead he calls out to the group to come out. They see "Father Christmas", who gives a silver shield with a red lion on it to Peter, with a sword. He also gives Susan a bow and quiver full of arrows and a little ivory horn. Her arrows don't miss, and the horn will summon help.  He gives Lucy a glass (or diamond) bottle called a cordial. The bottle has healing drops. 
With that "Father Christmas" leaves, giving them hot tea. They go back to the cave, eat ham and drink tea. Then Mr. Beaver says it's time to move on.