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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 13: Deep Magic From the Dawn of Time

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Edmund is made to walk "further than he had ever known that anybody could walk."  He is hungry and thirsty, but is too tired to notice as the Witch and her dwarf speak quietly to each other.  They discuss whether the children and the Beavers have reached the Stone Table by now. The Witch hopes for some news from the wolf. The  dwarf speculates that the news can't be good. The Queen says the prophecy can't be fulfilled if only three children are free to sit in the "four thrones at Cair Paravel."  The dwarf asks why that detail matters when "He" [meaning Aslan] is in Narnia.  The Queen says Aslan may not stay long and that they could deal with the remaining three at Cair Paravel.
The dwarf kicks Edmund, suggesting they might keep him for bargaining. The Witch and the dwarf go on about what to do, then discuss that the Stone Table is the "proper place" to have "it" done.
A wolf suddenly rushes up to them.  He tells them one of the Sons of Adam has killed the other wolf, Maugrim (who is his captain), as he watched from the thickets. He yells for her to "Fly! Fly!"
The Witch declines, saying there is no need for flying, and to go summon all those on her side to come to her:
giants, werewolves, spirits, ghouls, boggles, ogres, minotaurs, cruels, hags, specters, people of the toadstools, etc.  She  emphasizes she still has her wand, and still has power to turn her enemies into stone.
The Witch has the dwarf place Edmund against the tree trunk.  He starts sharpening a knife after he undoes Edmund's collar, folding back his shirt.
Suddenly, Edmund is rescued by the centaurs, unicorns, deer, and birds. They untie him as they speak kindly to him. They all head back with Edmund to the Stone Table.  Meanwhile, the Witch and her dwarf had disguised themselves as a boulder and a tree stump.  So the Witch is currently safe, along with her wand.
Peter, Susan, and Lucy awake to learn Edmund has been rescued and is presently with Aslan.  They all meet up together and Aslan presents Edmund saying that the past need not be discussed.  Edmund apologizes to his siblings. 
The dwarf (a Son of Earth) approaches Aslan with a message that the "Queen" desires to speak with him.  Mr. Beaver is verbally expresses his annoyance with the Witch wrongfully addressing herself as a Queen. Aslan comments that "all names will soon be restored to their proper owners."  Aslan agrees to meet with the Witch as long as she leaves her wand behind her at the great oak.
The Witch arrives moments later. The rest of the children shudder at the sight of her.  They had never seen her before.  All the animals growl in a low tone.  Everyone feels suddenly cold despite the sun shining.
Mrs. Beaver notices the Witch never looks Aslan in the face.  The Witch tells Aslan he has a traitor in his midst.  Edmund doesn't react, exercising faith in Aslan's authority to handle the matter.
Aslan responds with the fact that Edmund's offense is not against the Witch.  She then asks whether he has forgotten the "Deep Magic."  Aslan gravely tells her to remind them of "this Deep Magic."  She replies that the Deep Magic has been written on the Table of Stone, on the fire-stones on the Secret Hill, engraved on the scepter of the Emperor-beyond-the-Sea.  She says that the Emperor put the magic into Narnia at the "very beginning."  Therefore, every traitor, according to the existing law, belongs to the Queen as her "lawful prey" and that she is entitled to "a kill" "for every treachery."  She demands Edmund to be forfeited to her, being that his blood is her "property."
A bull then challenges the Queen who replies that the Deep Magic prevents her rights being robbed by force.  Narnia will "perish in fire and water" unless she gets blood, as stated in the Law.
Aslan agrees to this truth of the matter.   Susan whispers in Aslan's ear suggesting perhaps there is something Aslan can do to work against the Deep Magic.  Aslan responds in such a way that no one ever suggests that  again.  At that moment Edmund feels a choking feeling, and continues to wait for further direction from Aslan.
Aslan prompts everyone to "fall back" so he can speak with the Witch alone.  Everyone obeys and wonders what Aslan and the Witch are talking about.