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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 14: The Triumph of the Witch

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When the Witch leaves, Aslan directs them to leave the area of the Stone Table since it will be wanted for other purposes.  They will stay tonight at the Fords of Beruna.
His face was so serious no one had the nerve to ask what happened with the Witch.
Everyone helps take the pavilion down.  They pack things up after they eat in the open air on the hill.  They march off toward the northeast.  Aslan advises Peter that  once the Witch is done with what she needs to do in this area that she will most likely go back to her castle to prepare for an attack. He says they (Peter and his allies) might  be able to stop her from reaching the castle.  He outlines two battle strategies; one for fighting the Witch and her crew in the  Wood, and  one for  attacking her castle.
Aslan indicates he may not be there to personally guide Peter during this upcoming period of time, of battle.  The group pitches camp on the Fords of Beruna.  Peter worries about whether if this is a safe spot to camp, whether the Witch may attack tonight.
Aslan seems preoccupied and  assures Peter she will not attack camp tonight.  Peter is  insecure about fighting on his own.  Later Lucy and Susan can't sleep, and both have feelings of dread.
They get up, find Aslan, and follow him.  Aslan notices them and lets them continue walking with him.  They realize how sad he is, and he also says he is lonely as well.  He bids them farewell, and tells them they have to stop and not be seen.
The girls weep, without really knowing why, kissing him. He leaves and goes up the hill to the Stone Table.  The Witch's people are  there; cruels, hags, incubuses, wraiths, horrors, efreets, sprites, orknies, wooses, ettins, etc.  The Witch is standing by the Stone Table.
At first her entourage is frightened by Aslan's presence.  They relax when the Witch addresses Aslan as "the fool."  He is quickly bound and tied to the Stone Table. 
Lucy and Susan are  shocked there is no resistance from Aslan.  These  creatures  laugh at Aslan's plight as they follow the Witch's order to shave off his mane with shears.  They tease him, mock him, calling him a "great cat."  Lucy cries, thinking how awful this for Aslan, and that he looks even more brave and beautiful than ever.
Aslan is now muzzled. He is surrounded by the crowd. They tighten the cords that bind him.  The Witch prepares her evil-looking knife.  Aslan looks to the sky unafraid, quiet, yet sad.
Before striking Aslan with that fatal blow, the  Witch gloats that she has  won. She says his attempt to save Edmund is in vain, as nothing will prevent her from killing Edmund once he (Aslan) is dead.  She gloats that  Aslan  has given her Narnia forever now, losing his own life in the process in order to appease the Deep Magic. She then says, "In that knowledge, despair  and die."
The girls can't look as Aslan is killed. They cover their eyes.