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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 15: Deeper Magic from Before the Dawn of Time

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The Witch calls out for her minions to follow her to complete the remainder of the battle.  Once they are gone, Susan and Lucy creep onto the hilltop to find Aslan.  They kiss his face and cry.  They take his muzzle off. They try unsuccessfully to untie him.  The cords are too tight.  Suddenly, dozens, hundreds of mice come along, bite through the cords and untie Aslan.
Birds start chirping and singing.  Susan and Lucy look out toward the sea at Cair Paravel.  Suddenly they hear the Stone Table crack in two pieces  and Aslan is GONE.
Initially the girls believe Aslan's body is taken by his enemies.  Then they wonder out loud whether it is "more magic."  Then they hear Aslan reply "yes!"  Aslan is now again alive, with mane intact, and larger than life.  At first they think he's a ghost, but soon realize he is not. 
Aslan explains that the Witch only has knowledge that dates back to the dawn of time.  The  White Witch doesn't realize that there is Magic that  goes back from before the dawn of tie.  It causes the Stone Table to crack and Death to work backward once a "willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor's stead."
Aslan plays with the girls, then he roars as the girls plug their ears with their fingers.  Aslan has the girls ride on him through Narnia until they finally see in their view the Witch's home.  Aslan leaps into her courtyard full of  stone statues.