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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 16: What Happened About the Statues

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Aslan breathes life into the statues, setting them free from the Witch's curse. He frees: centaurs, unicorns, birds, foxes, dogs, kangaroos, satyrs, dwarfs, birch-girls, beech-girls, larch-girls, Mr. Tumnus, and a giant.  The giant's name is Rumblebuffin.  He helps crash through the locked gates of the Witch's fortress.
Aslan assembles the group together.  He tells children, dwarfs and small animals to ride on bigger, faster creatures to keep up.  Those with a good sense of smell go ahead first to sniff out the place of battle to defeat the Witch before bedtime.
As the group follows the scent picked up by the creatures  tracking it, Lucy hears clashing metal sounds. She sees Peter, Edmund and the rest of what's left of his army battling the crowd of hideous creatures who are on the Witch's side.
Peter's army is fewer in number compared to the Witch.  The battlefield is covered with statues thanks to the Witch's wand.  The girls get off Aslan's back, he roars and then leaps onto the Witch.  The Witch is horrified at the sight of the very much alive Aslan.  Aslan's army proceeds to defeat the Witch and triumph over evil.