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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study

Chapter 17: The Hunting of the White Stag

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The Witch is dead.  What remains of her army either gives up without a fight or runs away.  Peter and Aslan shake hands.  Peter is pale, stern and seems older.  Peter tells Aslan of Edmund's bravery and how he had the sense to break the Queen's wand.  Edmund was wounded in the process.
Lucy rushes to Edmund with her cordial of healing drops to tend to his wounds. When she sees no immediate improvement in his condition, she hesitates to come to the aid of others who are wounded.   Aslan calls her on it and she snaps at him. He then reminds her of the sacrifice he made on Edmund's behalf and Lucy apologizes.  Lucy tends to the other wounded. Aslan restores those who had been turned to stone.
Lucy returns to Edmund and finds him the picture of perfect health. He looks better than ever - since before he was at the school that is partially responsible for Edmund 'going wrong' to begin with.  Edmund becomes his "old real self" again.
Aslan makes Edmund a knight on the battlefield.  He does not know of  Aslan's sacrifice on his behalf. 
Aslan provides food for all.  The four are crowned the next day in Cair Paravel by Aslan as Kings and Queens.  Mermen and Mermaids sing in honor of them.  Everyone rejoices and Aslan slips away.  Mr. Beaver says Aslan will come and go, since he has other countries to attend to.  They have a long and happy reign.  They befriend other countries.
Peter becomes known as "Peter the Magnificent";
Susan becomes "Susan the Gentle";
Edmund is now "Edmund the Just";
and Lucy is "Lucy the Valiant".
They live in Narnia in great joy and remember life in our world the same way dreams are remembered.  Mr. Tumnus tells them the White Stag, which grants wishes if it is caught, has been spotted. The Kings and Queens ride through the Western Woods to follow the White Stag.  They see him, give chase and the horses tire out. The four follow it on foot into a thicket.
They find a lampost.  They do not remember it from their initial adventure into Narnia.  They eventually recall it all, and find their way back into the wardrobe. 
They find themselves back at the same time and day which they were hiding from Mrs. Macready and her tour group.  Later they tell the Professor about how they lost four coats from the wardrobe.  He believes their story and tells them there is no sense in going to look for the coats, since they can not get to Narnia through the wardrobe again.  It is just the beginning of their adventures.  He tells them that "Once a King or a Queen in Narnia, always a King or a Queen."